Annunciation Young Adult Ministries

Orthodox Christian Fellowship:

We are initiating an Orthodox Christian fellowship opportunity on Campuses of the University of West Florida and Pensacola State College. Our goal is gather our College Students together to discuss and improve in the areas of leadership training, high school to college transition, and college to parish transition through new and innovative programs as well as partnerships with other organizations in the Orthodox world. Our OCF program will offer an environment for students interested in deeper spiritual experiences. Every year, Real Break, College Conference, and similar events are hosted to enrich the spiritual lives of students These programs stand apart as premier service and educational opportunities available to any college student. Most importantly, OCF continues to provide a home for students on college campuses across the continent.

Ministry Audience: College Students


Orthodox Business Networking 

Our parishioners have their own jobs, businesses, and careers that they work hard at during the week and this ministry gives all of us an opportunity to support one another by connecting our businesses and shopping locally in Pensacola,FL. It also allows for us to support one another mentally by checking in with one another about how each persons work life is going. 

Ministry Audience: All Adults in a workplace. 

Leader: TBD